About Us

Seas & Skies is a venture that was born from the womb of nature.
With an aim to craft clean beauty products, by harnessing the power of plant-based ingredients, every product at SAS has been handcrafted to perfection
We believe that as producers, it is our responsibility to produce goods that create a positive impact - for people, and for the environment.
We aim to become plastic positive and carbon neutral by 2025, within five years of our establishment.

Our Core Values


We take immense pride in standing away from marketing gimmicks and sticking to our principle of being a Gender Friendly and Inclusive brand. Our collections are Genderless, and are meant for not just "men and women'" but for people; people belonging to all genders!

Aloe Vera Plant


Our products are free of toxins- with no paraben, sulfate, fillers, mineral oil, silicones, and damaging preservatives. We believe in providing assorted bath and body care articles that are friendly to the environment and to your skin!


Each item comes in environment-friendly containers with biodegradable packaging material that can be reused and recycled!  With an aim to go plastic-free by 2025, we are constantly making efforts to reduce our plastic consumption. 


We believe in harnessing the power of plant-based ingredients that have limitless potential to heal and address everyday skincare grievances. Thus, our ingredients are naturally sourced from organic harvests and other sources.


At Seas & Skies, we completely stand against the concept and practice of animal cruelty.

Hence, no product of ours has been or will ever be tested on animals.

Cow and Calf


To ensure a better and a more sustainable future, we have maintained responsible workspace practices. From reduction of production waste to lesser consumption of carbon, we aim to achieve plastic positivity and carbon neutrality by 2025.

Sunset in the Forest