Beyond Binaries, Boundaries and Biases- Self Care Cannot Be Gendered

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Breaking age-old stereotypes

Gone are the days when only women deserved a pamper-routine and grooming regime. The term of Men’s grooming has recently come up, bringing up several debates and discussions around skincare and gender. While there have been myths that the division of skincare products based on gender is a scientifically proven approach, there have been researches that claim that skin for both men and women is more or less the same. Therefore, it concludes that skincare routines for all genders can be similar too.

The pandemic has taught us that we are all the same. We are all grieving together, struggling together, and striving to live together and the boundaries that exist within us are the boundaries that we created for ourselves. Life and survival go beyond judgment. In the end, we are all the same. So, why differentiate when it comes to skincare?

We go beyond binaries, boundaries and biases!

Skin-Care is Self-Care

“Skin Care is Self- Care and Self-care must not be gendered.”

When the term of self-care is in itself a reflection of individualism and personal attributions, who are we to restrict?

We claim that our products feel luxurious over your skin, which is true to all extents, but we also believe that self-care is extremely personal and counts for the bare minimum that we can do for our skin, which is why we price our products at affordable rates so that each of us has access to it. Nobody must be denied self-care.

Product Segmentation: Gender Neutral

Our products are gender-neutral and gender-inclusive, not just in terms of formulation, but also the texture, packaging, and marketing procedures. It would have been a very easy ride to create gender segments for our products, and being involved in the conventional marketing gimmicks, but we chose to take a stand.

Seas and Skies’ products are curated on the basis of skin needs and do not conform to the traditional boundaries created by society. We keep the packaging and colours of our products close to their ingredients or in the range of neutrals, not just to create our very own ‘Pinterest aesthetic’ but to also represent what we stand for: gender equality, gender inclusiveness, and gender empathy. We refuse to put people in boxes and label our products as ‘feminine’ or ‘masculine’.

Product segmentation at SAS is done based on normal, dry, oily, and combination skin types like bathing bars, shower gels, foot scrubs, face masks, etc. Other than that, we prefer to keep our range universal, like our whipped soaps. We’ll choose the needs of our customers any day, rather than sticking to baseless narratives that were built years ago.

Building an Inclusive Community

Our claims of our products being ‘safe’ and ‘clean’ are not just restricted to them being vegan and sustainable. Our products represent our brand, and our brand represents the community that we build, and our community resonates with the concept of creating an inclusive, loving, and safe space for all, regardless of gender.

Seas and Skies began with a unisex agenda that is inclusive of all genders and will continue to represent its foundation in the years to come. It is undeniable that the roots of patriarchy, homophobia, transphobia run deep, however keeping our products gender-neutral is a small step towards disintegrating the regressive narratives of society. Our efforts might be trivial because we are fairly new to the market, but we make it a point to connect with the lives we touch.

We assure you that our notion of inclusivity is not just restricted to Pride Month, it goes far beyond that. Seas and Skies is a safe space and no-judgment zone for all identities- men, women, queer, trans, gender-fluid, non-binary, and every other gender-expansive identity. We’ll always choose individuality over society’s standards of identities.

This is our step for change, a change that will lead to conversations, and conversations that will make a difference. We’ll do our bit, and you do yours by promoting brands that make conscious decisions and call out brands that are accountable for creating biases.

Being educated is a choice. So, let’s all make wiser choices, together and create a better world, step by step, slowly but steadily.

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