The Clay Pack Range by SAS- Your Must-Have Skin Care Essential

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Face packs are one of the favorite ‘me-time’ essentials for all of us now. Of course, we have nowhere to go, but that doesn’t mean that we deny ourselves the simple pleasures of self-care, right? How better to use the extra time on our hands than to put up a face pack, cook your favorite meal, and chill on the couch?

Seas and Skies is proud to present a range of five new face packs mentioned below!

There is something for each skin type in store. So, keep scrolling, until you find the best one to add to your skincare regime.

  1. Serbian Blue Clay

Serbian Blue Clay, also known as Cambrian Blue Clay is obtained from the lakes in Serbia and gets its surreal blue color from the minerals that it possesses (silicon, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, etc).

It soaks up all the dirt and oil from your skin and makes it look fresh, clean, and elastic. Serbian Clay is one of the best exfoliants and also carries healing properties so that it can beat the appearance of wrinkles and pigmentation.

Neem’s intense cleansing properties, Arnica’s magical healing, anti-inflammatory characteristics, Calendula’s skin-firming, and moisturizing traits, and Jojoba’s antioxidant and antibacterial nature make for the perfect face pack for acne prone, oily, and scarred skin.

Well, this face pack is the right way to beat your pandemic blues!

2. Calamine and Kaolin Clay

Enriched with the goodness of the classic duo of Calamine and Kaolin, this face pack is perfect for dry, sensitive, and mature skin. Calamine has been the go-to ingredient for its medicinal and anti-septic benefits since time immemorial. Well, it is safe to say that times haven’t changed for the demand for Calamine in the cosmetic industry.

History claims that Calamine was first used in 100 BC in Ancient Rome for improving skin texture, and glowing skin. SAS believes that if the royalties deserve fine and radiant skin, so do you! It has been used as a soothing agent, for treating sunburnt skin and acne-prone skin too.

Kaolin, also known as white clay, offers anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin. Milder than other clay forms, it is advantageous when it comes to sebum control, managing dry skin, and deeply cleansing the skin. It also contains ingredients like vetiver, frankincense, myrrh, geranium, sandalwood, pomegranate, neroli, avocado, rosehip extracts.

3. Dead Sea Mud

Found in the water body with the lowest sea level on the Earth, the Dead Sea Mud Face Pack works wonders for oily skin. Proven to deeply clean clogged pores, and effectively draw out skin impurities, its claims of healthy and healed skin are quite believable. The Biblical times used Dead Sea Mud to treat breakouts and still holds credible value in treating acne-prone skin.

Dead Sea Mud is extremely rich in magnesium. It acts as a brilliant exfoliating ingredient and detoxifying agent. Other ingredients include neem, aloe vera, hibiscus, rosemary, lemon, grapeseed, fenugreek extracts, etc.

It’s time to say goodbye to Dead Skin with our new Dead Sea Mud Face Pack!

4. Glow with Yellow Clay

Our Glow with Yellow Clay Face Pack is the ultimate answer for all skin types, especially sensitive and dry skin. You can expect a natural radiance on your face after use as it increases blood circulation, tones the skin, restores the strength of the skin, and makes it feel bright, rejuvenated, and fresh.

Although its popularity in India hasn’t struck its peak yet, it has been claimed to repair skin, ease congested skin, and reduce large pores. Combined with turmeric, orange, lemon, liquorice, papaya, manjishta, cucumber, aloe vera, fenugreek, red sandal, carrot seed extracts, this face pack will give an intense Vitamin C boost to your summer skin.

5. Activated Charcoal

The goodness of charcoal is evident by its wide usage in the cosmetic and beauty industry. Enriched with oxides, it gets rid of dead skin cells and leaves smooth, tight, and clean skin. It is an excellent purifying agent as it cleans dirt, oil, and toxins from the skin. Our Charcoal Face Pack works magically in the summer heat by controlling sebum production and acne.


Well, we were wrong to say that there is nowhere to go. Getting ready for the Zoom Call is the trend of the year, and we follow it! So, flaunt your radiant, fresh and supple skin with our new clay face packs during your next Zoom Call, and thank us later!

Seas and Skies makes conscious choices, not just for the values that it represents, but also for the ingredients used in each product. We procure the best ingredients and curate the best formulation for your skin.

So, stay tuned for future launches, with newer and better ingredients and impressive ranges ahead. Your support means the world to us, and we appreciate it!

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