The Responsibilities of Being an Entrepreneur in the Twenty-First Century

Updated: Jan 21

Being an entrepreneur in the 21st century endows you with a million responsibilities, not just for yourself, but for the planet and humankind. With the ongoing climate crisis, we, as small businesses who aspire to become big business blocks in a span of a few years, must shoulder the responsibility of creating a sustained and protected environment for ourselves and for future generations.


As producers of any goods, we have immense power in deciding the fate of our planet. These decisions are often disguised in day-to-day choices that we make as founders with exuberant minds. Often, we do not think consciously and choose what has been chosen for the past few decades.

Our authority to choose between different things makes us so much more powerful than the rest of the world, and if we choose to channel this power into goodness, our planet would flourish with its greens again.

When you embark upon your startup journey, you have decisions to make, which can either create an impact or lead to gradual devastation.

Why can every startup not opt for biodegradable packaging, or choose to adopt sustainable workspace practices with minimal consumption of plastic and redirect it to the four R’s- Reuse, Recycle, Reduce, Refuse? Why can we not switch from single-use plastic to recyclable plastic and then gradually to better alternatives that can be consumed by the soil without ending up in huge landfills?

For industries that deal with sourcing raw material, why can we not source plant-based ingredients instead of torturing millions of animals for the same? It is not that difficult to find alternatives in this modern era. As an entrepreneur in the beauty sector, I can assure you that there is a much more effective substitute for every animal-tortured and sourced ingredient. Research your researches well, for Vegan is the future if we want to replenish our planet.

If small steps are taken from the very beginning, it will become much easier for us to build our brands on the pillars of sustainable development.


The beauty sector is on an all-time rise and is expected to reach a valuation of more than USD four hundred Billion by 2027. With every brand redefining beauty and making it more inclusive, we are yet to see a globe with no presumptions of what beauty looks like.

At Seas & Skies, we have dedicated our products to humankind- to people of all genders, not just to men and women. To build a world that works on love, peace, and acceptance, each product of ours is gender-neutral and gender-friendly with no judgments because beauty can never be measured. It cannot fit into the shackles of societal norms and must be given the freedom it deserves.

Being a gender-inclusive startup with a vision to advocate this voice through diverse representation gives us the strength to work upon the same. It is our pride to be one of the few in the room to declare themselves as a brand that goes beyond ‘especially for men/women’.

Instead, we craft our goods as per the needs of our customers, based on skin properties, exactly how skincare must be formulated.

It does not make sense at all to promote products based on gender; instead of falling for marketing gimmicks, be the change and run against the wind that has been blowing since times immemorial.

Thus, I urge young business persons to dedicate themselves and their companies to make a difference, for the future lies in our hands, and if we choose to campaign for what is right, our community of human beings will become a much better place for all of us to dwell in.

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